Adult Art Classes

Proposed Course for Linn Benton Community College
Extended Learning Program
Summer Session 2022 Details soon

The Artist’s Eye – How We See and Draw
The Artist’s Eye explores how we see and draw as a foundation to any
art class. When we were children, we drew as children. Most adults
still draw like fourth graders. Designed as a drawing class for non-
artists, we explore how the brain decides which eye it trusts and then
learn how the brain selects which hemisphere to use when solving
specific problems. Our two cameras – our two eyes – record two
divergent views of the world. Through guided symbolic sketching, the
non-artist will experience how the artists sees and perceives the
world, and in turn will learn to draw. This is a fun way to explore our
brain’s lesser right hemisphere and a great class to take before any
other art class. Also appropriate for all home-schoolers and educators,
this knowledge is applicable to teaching children to visually observe
and draw.

The Joy of Watercolor
Learn to mix any color while having fun exploring all the ways
watercolor can be applied.
Details soon: Date to be decided: potentially late March / early April 2022
Limited to 4 students in Donna’s North Albany Home Studio
Get lots of personal guidance and encouragement. Beginning level
for those who have never painted or those wanting to expand their
knowledge of watercolor techniques and color mixing.
Cost: $250 for 3 sessions of 3 hours each. Cost includes $50 worth
of supplies and includes 8 of the finest Rosemary brushes and palette
with 6 specific professional grade watercolors by Golden/Qor.